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Lincoln Half-Marathon!

May 11, 2010

Last weekend I ran my third half-marathon, my second in Lincoln, Nebraska.  After training for a couple months I woke up on race day at 4:45 am and got ready to go.  I knew it was going to be a great day because usually I have that “why did I think this was a good idea?!” feeling about 2 seconds after my alarm goes off on the day of a race.  But not this day.  I jumped out of bed ready to run.  If you don’t know me, you don’t know how shocking this is.  I don’t jump out of bed.  Ever.  Especially not right after my alarm goes off. 

Anyways, after a debate over if I should wear my new Under Armor shirt on the “stay warm” side or the “stay cool” side, I grabbed my breakfast and coffee, woke up my wonderful husband and hopped in the car.

It was smooth sailing from there.  We got to Lincoln in plenty of time, even by taking the odd route that Google maps sent us on.  Parked, picked up my packet, put my chip on my shoe, pottied and it was time to start!

lincoln half_0006 

(I opted for the “stay warm” side of the shirt.  My sister would say that just because I am wearing lots of pink doesn’t mean it all matches :)  If you add my shoes, I think I was wearing 6 different shades of pink. What can I say?  It’s my power color!)

The Lincoln half-marathon course is great!  It starts right by the University of Nebraska (go Huskers!) and goes through parts of downtown Lincoln and some residential areas.  The absolute best part was the loads of spectators who were up early on a Sunday morning to cheer on all the runners.  I felt like I was in a parade at a few points.  Next year I might bring candy to throw to show my gratitude for all of the cheers.

lincoln half_0008

I ran strong, kept a steady pace and really felt great throughout the entire run.  Around mile 7, I ate some Sharkies to “fill the tank” and keep me going!  At the 10 mile mark, I was ready to push it and I ran the last 5k in about 26 minutes.  The finish line was on the 50 yard line of Memorial Stadium (go Huskers! again!), which made the finish so fun.  It was awesome to come around the corner into the stadium and sprint across the finish line.  You know how 50 yards looks really far when you are watching a football game and there are only seconds left and you really want your team to get another touchdown?  Well, it feels really short after 13 miles 🙂lincoln half_0073

Many thanks to my wonderful husband who got up about 5 hours earlier than his normal Sunday wake-up time to come with me to the race, keep me company before and after, and snap all these awesome pictures! 

lincoln half_0007


The Best Medicine

May 2, 2010

CNN reported last week about a new study that shows laughter could be as beneficial as exercise.  The study in the article was very small, but it’s an interesting step to proving that laughter really is good medicine.

Lucky for me, I laughed a lot last week.  I laugh every day, but last week seemed to be full of events that had me laughing more than usual…

On Wednesday I met my mom and one of my sisters for dinner and the theater.  Those two always crack me up, so we started our evening out with laughter, good conversation, free wine (score), and yummy appetizers.  Then we walked across the street to the Orpheum theater to see the touring Broadway version of Legally Blond.  It was the funniest musical I have ever seen!  I was laughing from the sorority girl scene in the beginning all the way to the graduation scene at the end.  In addition to some great lines and silly characters, there were a lot of little things sprinkled into the show that made me laugh, like the costumes and the props (sorority girls dancing with frappucino cups…hilarious!).  I left the theater in a great mood from so much laughter.

On Thursday I had a blast at Girls on the Run practice.  Girls on the Run is a national organization that fosters healthy living and good decision-making in 3rd-5th grade girls while training together for a 5K run and I’m honored to be a GOTR coach at a local elementary school.  We played a big version of freeze tag at practice on Thursday and the coaches were “it.”  So I spent 20 minutes chasing some very speedy girls around a field.  I was really impressed with how fast they are!  But more than that, it was so much fun!!  The girls loved trying to get away from the coaches and giggled every time they were being chased, every time they got tagged, every time they stood still.  Have you spent time with any 8 to 10-year-old girls lately?  They laugh.  A lot.  And they know that running around a field trying to stay out of the reach of your coaches can be a good time.  Not only could my legs feel all the sprinting after the game, but my cheeks were that wonderful kind of sore that only comes from laughing a lot.  And today my abs and legs are sore, so it doubled as a good workout too.  I always think of yoga as a workout that is good for the body and the soul and I think I might have to add this game of tag to the same category.

Treat yourself!

April 29, 2010

Good morning!

Once or twice every week, my alarm goes off at 3:45am and I begin my work day at 5.  It is a necessary component of my job, and I’m not going to lie, it is NOT my favorite!  But, what makes it tolerable, is that I usually treat myself to a yummy coffee drink or breakfast if I have time.  Last night, I got a killer workout in (P90X Back and Legs.  Definitely feeling the burn this morning.)  So, I knew today I would want something extra delicious.  Today’s treat of choice?

The Starbucks Frappucino Light! 

This is a big splurge for me both nutritionally (Hello sugar!) and monetarily (These puppies aren’t cheap.), so I don’t have it often.  But it’s soooo delicious!

And best yet, today they accidentally upgraded me to a Venti, free of charge!  Gotta love that little something extra!

My Morning Treat

What is your occasional treat?  When do you typically treat yourself?

I’m actually not that serious

April 20, 2010

In two weeks I will run my third half-marathon in Lincoln, NE.  On Sunday I ran a strong 11.5 miles and, although my legs are sore today, I’m feeling really good about the upcoming half-marathon.  My goal this time around?  To finish STRONG.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t also have a time in mind, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Here’s a breakdown of my previous half-marathon experiences:

Date April 2005 May 2009
Location St. Louis, MO Lincoln, NE
My life in a nutshell Senior in college, part-time intern Full-time worker bee, part-time grad student
Training plan Novice plan from Hal Higdon Intermediate plan from Runner’s World
Speed Work none about once a week on the treadmill
Diet Happy Hour fare (giant chicken quesadilla and spin dip), Bud Light, Buffalo Chicken, cookies, Bud Light, $1 shots.  Occasional fruits and veggies. Generally healthy.  Plus chocolate.  Fruits, veggies, lean protein.  Chocolate.  Occasional wine and beer.
Goal Started as under 2 hours; revised to just finishing and running the whole thing Beat previous time
Finish time 1:57:47 2:01:11
How I felt at the finish Proud, accomplished, strong (I sprinted across the finish!) Old…achey knees, tired legs, ready for a nap


So why did I run slower and feel like I got hit by a truck after my second half-marathon but not the first?  Basically, I took myself too seriously the second time around.  I tried to do too much, tried to work too hard, and burnt myself out.  I didn’t enjoy it as much along the way.  I forgot why I love to run.

This time around, my training plan is somewhere in between the last two, but focuses more on just running the mileage (and only running 3 days a week), my diet is pretty good (veggies, protein, whole grains, fruit, chocolate), and I’m not concerned about getting faster.  I’m just trying to run my best, run my strongest and get enough rest.  I’m running because it’s fun to run outside in the spring, and it’s fun to work toward a goal.  But not that serious of a goal.

Because You’re an Animal and I Love You…

April 19, 2010


This Spring I have been searching for my workout motivation. I didn’t seem to find it in the usual locales such as my favorite weight training class at the gym or even in writing out a half-marathon training program in my planner (and I love to write things in my planner!)  Anyway, maybe it’s because these activities were two major components of my fitness journey last year that they weren’t offering that new excitement that I was looking for.

Enter P90X. If you haven’t seen the infomercials, P90X is a high intensity workout program that has a different workout each day. There are 13 possibilities and you do 6 workouts a week for 90 days. They vary between different strength routines and muscle groups, plyometrics, yoga, kickboxing/cardio, and abs. I’m generally frightened and skeptical of infomercial fitness solutions. The shake weight? Yoga Booty Ballet? You catch my drift?

But, a friend of mine has been doing the program for over a month and I have definitely noticed that his shoulders have gotten broader, he’s looking fit and yes folks, he’s got a swagger. How motivating to see these changes that a friend is making! So, my boyfriend and I drank the kool-aid and purchased the program. We are now proud owners of the DVDs, some serious dumbbells and an “iron gym!”

We’ve completed a week of workouts so far and are definitely feeling the burn! (Stay tuned for workout recap later this week!) What we like about it so far:

  • Tony Horton: The fearless leader through the workouts. Tony has no lack of enthusiasm or silly chatter. My favorite quote came during the intro DVD- “Then after you’ve completed 3 different rounds of P90X you will call me and tell me you are climbing Mt. Everest, because you are an animal and I love you.” Enough said.
  • Tony Horton
  • The workouts: The movements aren’t new or groundbreaking by any means. People have been doing push ups, pull ups, and tuck jumps for ages. What helps is that they have put it in a routine and will lead you through it. In no other situation would I grab hold of a pull up bar and endure for 50 minutes.
  • The schedule: Already knowing that I am doing P90X yoga tomorrow night and legs and back the next night, gives me something I can look forward to and can plan for.
  • And dare I say it…MOTIVATION!? Overall, these workouts may be just what I need to get the workout motivation going. It gives me something new to look forward to and also some new goals (Completing at least one un-assisted pull up by July is on my list!) Plus, it’s a great activity for K-dawg and I to do together.

So what do you guys think? Have you ever tried a completely different activity than what you are used to in search of workout motivation? How’d it go?

Going Public

April 13, 2010

Welcome to Will Run For Snacks!  After college life, two years as roommates, and five years of witty work emails, we have decided to go public.  Will Run For Snacks is a place where we will document our thoughts, our workouts, our snacks, our gripes, our praises and our general charm.

We’re both busy professionals trying to balance workouts and wellness with happy hour and significant others (SOs).  We have a range of interests, some shared, some separate – from bike shoes to downward-facing dog, from baking to beers, from hair products to reality TV.

Thanks for stopping by – check back for more posts from Bridget and Natalie.  Stay classy!