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Omaha Half Marathon 9.26.10

October 6, 2010

I ran a half marathon.  The most common response to this statement has been “I didn’t know you were training for a half!?”  Exactly. 

Let me just say, my intentions were good.  This would be my 3rd half marathon and I thought it be a GREAT opportunity to finish under 2:10.  But then…the ultimate excuse…life happened. 

Running wasn’t my priority.  Working out wasn’t even really priority.  There were weddings to go to, I was working 50-60 hour weeks, I was moving, I got sick, I broke up with my boyfriend, bla bla bla, stuff happens.  So why didn’t I scrap it and why did I still run it?

Given the general  lack of preparation (the longest run I completed pre race day was 7 miles),  I simply wanted to see if I could do it.  One of those “I climbed the mountain because it was there” kind of feelings.  Also, and almost as importantly, I wanted to wear the race tee and preferred to do so with pride.  Otherwise, I would have had to hide it in the back of a drawer, sit in the shame corner, or donate it to goodwill.  Ugh.

The race was well organized and the start was extra awesome because I ran into some friends who were running the 10K.  The course looped around downtown neighborhoods and along the river front.  It was definitely hilly as described by EVERYONE who has an opinion on hills, but they were manageable.  It went surprisingly quick and running RIGHT next to the river at the finish (Yes, the Missouri river, just like Lewis and Clark), was surprisingly beautiful.  The high-fives from my friends were an extra surprise and really pumped me up for the last .2 miles! 

I finished in 2:16.  Not MY quickest, but I was proud.  I didn’t walk, I didn’t stop, I just kept going and I did it for ME and not anyone else, not because people didn’t think I could, but because I WANTED IT.  And, I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity to complete the race without injury.

So now, why train for any other half marathons?  Why not just get out there and run it?

Well, I HAVE to get under 2:10 SOME day.  Also, I am fairly certain that with the proper amount of training, I wouldn’t have been sore until the Thursday after the race :o)  

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  1. December 8, 2010 7:16 pm

    First I say way to go on getting out there and second heck yeah thats 13.1 holiday bootie buster points!!

    Enjoying just running for now and when you are ready to worry about your time, more scheduled training will just happen

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