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September 12, 2010

Out Of Control (“Double O C”).

Day 1

It all started Friday when I woke up REALLY tired and decided a 32 oz.  Diet Coke and a bagel was the instant fix I needed to get through my morning at work.  Wrong.  Things continued to spiral out of control when one large box of Milk Duds (Let’s not even TALK about choosing subpar chocolate like chalky milk duds over the good stuff such as Dove or Ghirardelli…that’s another blog post all together.) was empty and my tummy was hurting.  Swearing off candy all together, my day and evening continued.

All was well until my volleyball team “Jay’s Crew” aka “Grumpy Ponies” decided to go to Old Chicago for late night happy hour.  I couldn’t eat dinner due to the candy alien growing in my stomach after the milk dud binge, so I was of course starving!  Buffalo chicken rolls, italian nachos, and spin dip were all consumed at about 1030pm.  I popped some tums and hit the hay as I had to work at 5am. 

Day 2 

Waking up at 3:30am the next morning for work was miserable.  My head hurt, my stomach hurt, I felt disoriented.  I had NO alcohol the night before.  I pegged it a food hangover.  I choked down some water and used the previous night’s calorie fest to power me through at work. 

I still didn’t feel hungry around noon when  I grabbed a veggie tray (Yes, naturally occurring food!) and some frozen pizzas on the way to a friends house  before the Huskers took down Idaho.    But then the hunger hit me, hard.  So of course, bring on the pizza.  Darn it.  And later on that night…bring on the Buffalo Chicken Wrap….and fries.

Really Natalie, MORE Buffalo Chicken?  Yes.  Even after the previous night’s buff chix rolls, I went for round two.   See, Buffalo Chicken and I have had quite the love affair dating back to my college days at SLU and if I see it on a menu I am helpless even if it was recently consumed in large volume.  But, now I’m justifying this, I digress…

So now that we have read through my food saga, here is WHY I think those poor decisions were made:

1.  I’m lazy.  Friday morning I didn’t want to make coffee at home, so I bought diet coke (poison according to my personal training buddy Josh) instead.  And, I opted to just eat at the football gathering instead of making food at home before I went over. 

2.  Letting myself get too hungry.  Once I am to the stomach growling stage, I go for what “SOUNDS GOOD” instead of what actually FUELS MY BODY.  The choices at Old Chicago were a perfect example.  If I would have had something nutritious (and small due to my milk dud binge) before volleyball, I wouldn’t have been ravenous by the time our games were over.

3.  Candy as food.  CANDY IS NOT FOOD.  This is my new mantra.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

3.  Social eating.  Typically, hanging out with my boyfriend and our friends, we are eating chips, dips, pizza, wings, etc. etc while watching football.  Then, when we all go out to eat, it is usually at a sports bar.  Someone wants to order a pizza, someone wants to split wings, and I am easily swayed out of of eating healthfully.

So, what to do about it? I think remembering how all of those poor food choices made me FEEL (ie.  like crap) will help me to make better choices in the future. I need to pray for strength and remember that God gave me this body and it is a GIFT and I need to treat my body with honor and respect.  Also, I need to remind myself that even if we are at a sports bar, I don’t HAVE to get buffalo chicken, it will be there another day.  I can make a better choice that would still be just as yummy.   

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe the foods I have mentioned are all ok to eat, IN MODERATION.  What I realized was that I wasn’t assessing what I was putting into my body with a critical eye and I physically paid the price.  Also, I want to know more about myself in terms of WHY I make the food choices I do.

So, stay tuned as I strive to obtain some FREEDOM from poor food choices and learn to truly FUEL my body!!

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