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Pseudo Adult

August 20, 2010

Being a “pseudo adult” has long been a joke amongst our friends.  For us, it was the idea that we had graduated college, had full time jobs or were in grad school and really had no idea what we were doing.   (At least in my case).  We were professional (sometimes) during the week and acted like we were still in college on the weekends. 

An article recently published in the NY Times discusses this: 

What is it about 20 somethings? 

I thought the article was interesting in its discussion of the widely accepted mindset that there are certain milestones that we must meet on the way to “adulthood.”  Begin working or go to college and then get a job, get married, buy a house, have a kid.  Today, those milestones may happen more slowly or in a different order, or not at all.  And how many friends do I have that have completely switched careers before they are 30?  Or have moved back in with their parents to go to grad school at the age of 28?     I still consider myself an adult even though I have yet to purchase and own a couch, let alone a house!  I think it is important to figure out what may now define us as “adults,” and even if we have met those traditional milestones, do we even feel like we ARE adults and have it all together?  Perhaps you just never know if you have it all together and you keep learning and growing regardless of your age! 

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  1. August 20, 2010 8:56 am

    Great article, thanks for sharing! I’m definitely still waiting to feel like an adult even though I have reached 4 of the 5 milestones. And I think I should wait for that 5th milestone until I’m SURE I’m an adult and mature enough to be responsible for someone else’s life, let alone my own, ya know?

    I think of being an adult a little differently than this article and it’s milestones, though. I think it’s more about maturity and responsibility…and making decisions like paying your car payment before getting highlights.

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