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Meet Scott

July 4, 2010

My dear friends, meet the newest addition to my life…Scott!Scott

Scott is my new bike and I am so happy to have him!  I have been wanting a road bike since completing one day of RAGBRAI last year.  Fairly new to biking, I started my bike journey with a fitness hybrid  (aka Black Lightening) the summer of 2009.  Black Lightening has been very good to me, but unfortunately, could no longer meet my needs.  I longed for a more aggressive posture on the bike.  I needed a lighter bike to keep up with KDub and our friends, not to mention my parents who are the ultimate road warriors! 

Enter the search for a road bike.  Here’s how I went about the process:

1.  Research, research, then research some more.  The internet was my friend.  I also asked more experienced riders what they liked about their bikes.  I learned about the components of the bike (derailers, frames, cranks, etc), why certain bikes are more expensive than others (Carbon and components, oh my!!) and what would best suit my needs (A woman specific design –WSD road bike).  When I went into one of the bike stores, I was complimented on “doing my homework” and the salesman was able to be more specific about the features of each bike. 

2.  Ride the bikes!  When I bought a car, I drove over 5 different cars.  Excessive?  Maybe…but I sure figured out what I liked and didn’t like.  The same goes with bikes.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I need a very small bike due to my, ahem, really short legs, so there was a limited number available that I could even ride.  Also, I was informed that 2011 bikes were coming out in August and there are very few bikes left in general.  Even with only a couple choices, it was still important I had something to compare to.  Before you test ride, make sure the seat is adjusted appropriately.  Check out the reach to the handle bars.   Practice shifting both the large gears and small gears.  Use the brakes and see how the bike handles on turns. 

3.  Bargain.  I learned my bargaining skills from my grandma who used to take me to the flea markets in Mexico when I was little and from my mother who has a knack for bringing car salesmen to tears.  They are ruthless, I’m not so much.  But, most bike stores will deal.  Ask for a specific percentage off, ask about a “bike club” or frequent buyers program.  There is nothing wrong in asking and it often “pays off.”  Hehehe.

Scott went on his first 50 mile bike ride yesterday.  He did great with the 20 mile headwind for the first 25 miles and the rolling hills of Nebraska (Yes, there are hills in Nebraska).   I’m really looking forward to all of the adventures we will have together!   

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