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The Best Medicine

May 2, 2010

CNN reported last week about a new study that shows laughter could be as beneficial as exercise.  The study in the article was very small, but it’s an interesting step to proving that laughter really is good medicine.

Lucky for me, I laughed a lot last week.  I laugh every day, but last week seemed to be full of events that had me laughing more than usual…

On Wednesday I met my mom and one of my sisters for dinner and the theater.  Those two always crack me up, so we started our evening out with laughter, good conversation, free wine (score), and yummy appetizers.  Then we walked across the street to the Orpheum theater to see the touring Broadway version of Legally Blond.  It was the funniest musical I have ever seen!  I was laughing from the sorority girl scene in the beginning all the way to the graduation scene at the end.  In addition to some great lines and silly characters, there were a lot of little things sprinkled into the show that made me laugh, like the costumes and the props (sorority girls dancing with frappucino cups…hilarious!).  I left the theater in a great mood from so much laughter.

On Thursday I had a blast at Girls on the Run practice.  Girls on the Run is a national organization that fosters healthy living and good decision-making in 3rd-5th grade girls while training together for a 5K run and I’m honored to be a GOTR coach at a local elementary school.  We played a big version of freeze tag at practice on Thursday and the coaches were “it.”  So I spent 20 minutes chasing some very speedy girls around a field.  I was really impressed with how fast they are!  But more than that, it was so much fun!!  The girls loved trying to get away from the coaches and giggled every time they were being chased, every time they got tagged, every time they stood still.  Have you spent time with any 8 to 10-year-old girls lately?  They laugh.  A lot.  And they know that running around a field trying to stay out of the reach of your coaches can be a good time.  Not only could my legs feel all the sprinting after the game, but my cheeks were that wonderful kind of sore that only comes from laughing a lot.  And today my abs and legs are sore, so it doubled as a good workout too.  I always think of yoga as a workout that is good for the body and the soul and I think I might have to add this game of tag to the same category.

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